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UPDATE: Added tutorial
  Added a modal analysis of free plate tutorial using Mechanical APDL, courtesy of M. Gharaibeh, in the links section
  Posted by Sheldon on 12.10.2014
NEWS: ANSYS 15.0.7 Available
  ANSYS 15.0.7 (CFD & Mechanical) is available from the ANSYS Customer Portal. This represents a significant maintenance release, and it requires uninstalling 15.0 (it is not a patch but a full installation). On the ANSYS Customer Portal, you will find this under "Downloads > Full Products".

The ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 15.0.7 patch is also available — this is a patch to be applied on top of an existing ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 15.0 installation. This can be found under "Downloads > Updates".
  Posted by Sheldon on 06.24.2014
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