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Animations of ANSYS Analyses
  element birth and death
  Model and animation by Sheldon Imaoka. [ANSYS 6.1]

Zipped AVI animation of equivalent stresses in a rigid-deformable contact model. A criterion is used to deactivate an element once its maximum strain exceeds a certain value. As a rigid sphere is pushed against shell elements (these shell elements are visualized with their thicknesses in 3D), the thinner shells fail first, thus 'breaking open' the seal.

  snap fit
  Model and animation by Sean Harvey. [ANSYS 5.5]

Zipped file containing AVI animation of von Mises stress with total reaction force. Model uses 10-node tet SOLID92 and 20-node hex SOLID95 with linear elastic materials, along with surface-to-surface contact (TARGE170 and CONTA174). Translucency is activated for the mating piece. (This was a half-symmetry model for a demo; note that since it was a ficticious model, the mating piece self-intersects.)

  Model and animation by ANSYS, Inc. [ANSYS 5.5]

GIF Animation of von Mises stress of gears.

  pipe bending
  Model and animation by Sheldon Imaoka. [ANSYS Workbench 12.1]

Very simple pipe bending application. Metal plasticity with rigid-deformable contact. Joints are used to prescribe motion to the rollers.