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General FEA Theory, Numerical Methods
  • Bathe, K.J., "Finite Element Procedures", 1996
    [STI: very good intro FEA book, has good intro section on nonlinearities as well.]
  • Cook, R.D., Malkus, D.S., Plesha, M.E., "Concepts and Applications of Finite Element Analysis", 3rd ed, 1989
    [STI: good intro FEA book, easier reading than Bathe.]
  • Patankar, S.V., "Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow", 1980
    [STI: very good text on CFD and heat transfer, finite difference methods]
  • Crisfield, M.A., "Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Structures", Vol. 1, 1991 and Vol. 2, 1997
    [STI: very good text on structural nonlinearities]
  • Belytschko, T., Liu W.K., Moran B., "Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures", 2000
  • Wriggers, P., "Computational Contact Mechanics, 2nd ed, 2006
  • Laursen, T. A., "Computational Contact and Impact Mechanics", 2003
Structural Dynamics
  • Hurty, W.C., Rubinstein, M.F., "Dynamics of Structures", 1964
    [STI: very useful book on dynamics, uses matrix methods, so easily extendable to FEA]
  • Thomson, W.T., Dahleh, M.D., "Theory of Vibration with Applications", 5th ed, 1998
Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Holman, J.P., "Heat Transfer", 8th ed, 1997
    [STI: good heat transfer text]
  • Incropera, F.P., DeWitt, D.P., "Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer", 4th ed, 1996
    [STI: good heat transfer text]
  • White, F.M., "Fluid Mechanics", 4th ed, 1999
    [STI: good fluid dynamics text]
  • Welty, J.R., Wicks, C.E., Wilson, R.E., "Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer", 3rd ed, 1984
  • Lemaitre, J., Chaboche, J.L., "Mechanics of Solid Materials", 1994
    [STI: very thorough text on materials]
  • Dowling, N.E., "Mechanical Behavior of Materials", 2nd ed, 1999
    [STI: good text on materials, easy reading]
  • Treloar, L.R.G., "The Physics of Rubber Elasticity", 1958
    [STI: great reference on rubber elasticity]
  • Ogden, R.W., "Non-linear Elastic Deformations", 1997
  • Simo, J.C., Hughes, T.J.R., "Computational Inelasticity", 2004
  • Kojic, M., Bathe, K.J., "Inelastic Analysis of Solids and Structures", 2004
  • Kinsler, L.E., Frey, A.R., Coppens, A.B., Sanders, J.V., "Fundamentals of Acoustics", 3rd ed., 1982
    [STI: good intro text on acoustics]
  • Pierce, A.D., "Acoustics: An Introduction to Its Physical Principles and Applications", 1991
    [STI: good intro text on acoustics]
  • Morse, P.M., Ingard, K.U., "Theoretical Acoustics", 1968
    [STI: very good overall text on acoustics; for me, it's a bit tough but very worthwhile reading]
Electronics Packaging
  • Christiansen, D., "Electronics Engineers' Handbook", 4th ed., 1996
    [STI: good, thorough text. Can think of it as a "Mark's Handbook" for Electronics]
  • Steinberg, D.S., "Cooling Techniques for Electronic Equipment", 2nd ed., 1991
    [STI: A must for electronics packaging, thermal issues]
  • Steinberg, D.S., "Vibration Analysis for Electronic Equipment", 2nd ed., 1988
    [STI: A must for electronics packaging, structural issues, mainly related for military applications -- shock & vibe, etc.]