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Description of Macro Collection
  APDL (ANSYS Parametric Design Language) and macros are very powerful tools to automatic repetitive processes and to introduce greater flexibility and usability within ANSYS. The following macros are collected from various sources with the author's name and company listed whenever applicable.

Most macros have comments and directions of its use written within the macro file. The reader is asked to read these instructions [and the macros themselves] prior to usage, in order to better understand how the macro works and if modifications may be deemed necessary for the reader's specific purposes.

No expressed guarantee or warranty by myself or the authors is implied in the posting of these macros.

Please note that if you have QuickTime installed, the .mac file extension may be associated with MacPaint files. Hence, in those situations, you need to right-click and save the ANSYS macro file to disk, then open it with a text editor in order to view its contents.

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