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ANSYS 7.0 Macros (3 entries)
AnsBGA Utilities
  AnsBGA Utilities include the following:
  • AnsKBD - Hot Keys
    AnsKBD allows you to assign any key combinations, such as <F7>, <Control-n>, <Alt-F1>, <Control-Shift-t> etc. to your macros.
  • Realtime macEdit + Tail Utility.
    Yes it works on windows and all other platforms Just press <Alt-t> when the Ansys GUI is active to launch tail + real time macro editor.
  • AnsBGA enhanced ASK (1 Liner Multipro)
    This is a neat replacements for multipro and *ask commands. You can build multi prompts having 1 to 20+ inputs in just one line of code. This one command effectively replaces *ask and multipro commands. For example this one liner creates a prompt for three inputs.
    ~eui,'_ask "Your message here" "parm1=2, parm2=string, parm3" '
    where parm1, parm2, parm3 are three parameters having 2, 'string' and nothing as the default values.
  • GUI Configuration
    Just press the "Config Utility" button below for more information. Press <Control-Alt-S> to bring up this window.

Alternative download here.
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  Bill Bulat (ANSYS, Inc.)
  "I noticed that the only nodes that get moved back to the halfway point were those on the "source" area meshed with 200s. All the other nodes along the crack front wound up at the quarter point, as intended. If VEXT is not an option, try the I'm attached "fixit" macro that allows node relocation as follows:
  2. relocate nodes on the meshed area back to the quarter point
To see how it works:
  1. Enter prep7
  2. Run the macro. You'll be prompted to pick the crack node, then one (only one) of the corner nodes around the crack node, then the midside node between them. The macro relocates the midside node. Repeat until all midside nodes are relocated to the quarter point.

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  Sheldon Imaoka (ANSYS, Inc.)
  At 7.0, the CMLIST command only lists selected components rather than all existing components in the database (pre-7.0 behavior). This macro provides a listing of all components in the database, regardless of their selection status. May be useful to get pre-7.0 behavior of CMLIST.
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