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  Navtej Singh (Intel)
  "You will be prompted with variable name and value in a single dialouge box.
Enter the variable name upto 32 chars long.
Enter the variable value upto 128 chars long. Value can be numeric or string. No need to enter quotes for string.
On clicking enter this script will set the variable name with the value in ANSYS properly either as a nummeric or string."

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  Matthew Sutton (PADT)
  Tcl script which opens a dialog box for a user to select an input file to read from (/INPUT).

Use ~eui,'source getfile.tcl' to run the Tcl script, after saving it to your working directory.

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  Sheldon Imaoka (ANSYS, Inc.)
  Example of use of Tcl/Tk to bring up custom dialog box to import parasolid files.
This could be used in an input file to automatically prompt the user to import a particular parasolid file through a dialog box.
It can be easily extended to include any Connection Kit product (ACIS/SAT, Pro/E, UG, CATIA, etc.).
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  Eric Miller (PADT)
  "Below you will find a little macro that can be run to fix the more common issues with focus on the command line not behaving as expected at 6.1. It is a partial hack that needs to be run after the GUI is up, so you can't put it in your start61.ans file (sorry). It also does not fix focus loss with the picker (which is intentional) or the pan-zoom-rotate dialog (not so intentional). Those will require more than a simple Tcl/Tk script."
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  Matt Sutton (PADT)
  Macro to write arrays to file. This macro actually uses Tcl/Tk to write another macro, which is then invoked.
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