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A Linearly-Polarized Compact UHF PIFA with Foam Support
  Shashank D. Kulkarni, Robert M. Boisse, and Sergey N. Makarov
  "Preliminary work on the design of a low-cost linearly-polarized broadband PIFA operating in the UHF band (440 MHz) is presented. Extensive simulations using Ansoft HFSS are performed in order to model and optimize the antenna performance. High-density polystyrene foam is employed as a dielectric substrate/support for all antenna prototypes. The metal sheets are made of copper foil. To minimize the antenna dimensions, a tapered patch with slots and capacitive loading is used. The fabricated antennas have the measured bandwidth of about 60MHz (14%) and are centered at 440 MHz. Change in antenna performance close to the human body is briefly discussed."
Ansoft HFSS v10
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Design of Antennas for Mobile and Vehicle Applications
  Jaehoon Choi
  Presentation on ultra wide band and planar inverted F antennas.
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