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Description of Tips & Tricks
  These tips & tricks are provided to help the user become more productive using ANSYS. ANSYS- and Operating System-related information will be covered here. Some tips are informational write-ups of technical details of ANSYS, others are tutorials, still others are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), so not all of these items are tips in the traditional sense.

For a very nice tips & tricks page, please refer to Peter Budgell's ANSYS Tips & Tricks page. It seems that these pages were last updated in 1999, but they still provide useful information for the user learning ANSYS.

For those looking for the "CSI Tip of the Week" archives, the tips are available below. The continuation of that is under "Sheldon's ANSYS Tips and Tricks."

No expressed guarantee or warranty by myself or the authors is implied in the posting of these tips & tricks.

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