ANSYS and UIDL customization
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Documentation on UIDL

    The UIDL Programmer's Guide is part of the ANSYS Programmer's Set manuals. It is available in hardcopy only, so you should ask your local ASD to purchase this set of manuals (also includes APDL, UPFs, and Interface guides)

    Otherwise, you can use the ANSYS 10.0 PDF version of the UIDL Programmer's Guide accessible from the ANSYS Customer Portal

  Posted by Sheldon on 10.20.2000
Use of UVB (Uidl Visual Builder)

    Although it was never officially released, the UVB (Uidl Visual Builder) is a Tcl/Tk-based, useful tool to help in developing UIDL granule files for custom menus and dialog boxes. You can get the various files from here (they are no longer available on the ANSYS FTP site). This zip file contains files you can install and configure to get UVB up-and-running.

    Also, the UVB Overview has been copied here. It is a presentation outlining the use of UIDL.

    Please remember that UVB is unsupported and use-at-your-own-risk. However, with the UIDL Programmer's Guide mentioned above, these two tools help users greatly in developing their own interfaces for ANSYS.

  Posted by Sheldon on 10.20.2000
Tcl/Tk as an alternative

    Also, please note that Tcl/Tk is also used for ANSYS customization.

  Posted by Sheldon on 10.20.2000