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Added Managed View XML file
  Added 12 Predefined Views, an XML file for Managed Views in Workbench Mechanical, courtesy of M. Pausley.
  Posted by Sheldon on 06.11.2016
Added MAPDL Colormap file
  Added CMAP_ANSYS_VIRIDIS, courtesy of C. Tapia
  Posted by Sheldon on 10.28.2015
Added input file
  Added an example input file using mode-superposition with enforced motion, courtesy of M. Gharaibeh
  Posted by Sheldon on 07.23.2015
Added Line Loop in Area inquiry function
  Added Number of line loops in area inquiry function, courtesy of B. Weisman
  Posted by Sheldon on 04.13.2015
Added tutorial
  Added Random vibration tutorial in MAPDL by Luiz Carlos Largura Junior in the links section.
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.24.2015
Added tutorial
  Added a modal analysis of fixed plate tutorial using Mechanical APDL, courtesy of M. Gharaibeh, in the links section
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.20.2015
Added tutorial
  Added a modal analysis of free plate tutorial using Mechanical APDL, courtesy of M. Gharaibeh, in the links section
  Posted by Sheldon on 12.10.2014
Added link to pdfPost
  Added information on pdfPost, which converts model/results data to a 3D PDF document, in useful links and tools & utilities sections.
  Posted by Sheldon on 10.17.2014
Added undocumented KEYW command
  Added undocumented option KEYW,PR_SGVOF,1, courtesy of R. Sesselmann
  Posted by Sheldon on 06.05.2014
Added 2 material database links
  Added links to "Material Property Database (MPDB)" and "CryoComp" on Material Links page, courtesy of D. Boyle.
  Posted by Sheldon on 03.07.2014
Added a paper
  Added a paper, Optimizing Board-level Reliability of an Underfilled, Stacked Chip Scale Package, courtesy of Zane Johnson
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.06.2014
Added undocumented option for /CONFIG
  Added undocumented option for /CONFIG,RESUPREC to store results in double-precision at 14.5.
  Posted by Sheldon on 10.31.2013
Added PSPad ANSYS Definition File
  Added PSPad ANSYS Definition file in the tools & utilities section, courtesy of Peng Yuan.
  Posted by Sheldon on 06.21.2013
Corrected 2 Tips
  Corrected/updated two tips:
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.09.2013
Added tip
  Added tip on calculating transmission loss in muffler.
  Posted by Sheldon on 12.18.2012
Added contact example
  Added a simple contact example, CONTPRES, that compares stresses at contact surface with contact pressure. Using surface-based-projection method, contact pressure matches better than augmented Lagrange or other methods.
  Posted by Sheldon on 11.17.2012
Updated Links Page
  Updated the Links section, fixing or removing broken links.

Also added links to MESHPARTS, including MESHPARTS ANSYS Macro Library
  Posted by Sheldon on 11.02.2012
Added Undocumented *GET
  Added undocumented *GET,,ELEM to get nodal forces associated with an element, courtesy of J. Hadfield.
  Posted by Sheldon on 07.18.2012
Added Paper
  Added A Compilation of Anand Parameters for Selected SnPb and Pb-free Solder Alloys, courtesy of Z. Johnson

(Fixed earlier broken link.)
  Posted by Sheldon on 05.14.2012
Added Tip
  Added tip on Clustering Results Around Peaks for Full-Harmonic Analyses in ANSYS, courtesy of A. Acton
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.22.2012
Added tip on Drucker-Prager Cap model
  Added tip on visualizing Drucker-Prager Cap model yield surface.
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.17.2012
Updated Examples
  Fixed/updated two examples:
  • WIREBOND: fixed polarization definition of piezo ceramics and fixed to even number of discs
  • WOOFER: added additional parts of speaker
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.12.2012
Added tip
  Added short tip on elastic foundation stiffness (elastic support).
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.07.2012
Added multiple items
  Added several items, all courtesy of P. Siedlaczek:
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.03.2012
Added tip
  Happy New Year!

Added short tip on Differences between superelastic and shape memory effect options for SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) material model
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.02.2012
Added a few input files
  Added the following input files:
  • BATCH: demonstrates how to submit a MAPDL analysis in batch mode by dragging and dropping the .db file onto the DOS batch script
  • PLATE_CMS: Example showing how to use CMS with response spectrum analyses
  • CLOSED_TANK: Example comparing FLUID30 and FLUID80 for sloshing
  Posted by Sheldon on 10.29.2011
Added input file for ELBOW290
  Added simple example demonstrating use of ELBOW290.
  Posted by Sheldon on 09.27.2011
Added tip on viscoelasticity in frequency domain
  Added example on converting TB,PRONY to TB,ELASTIC/SDAMP for viscoelasticity in the frequency domain.
  Posted by Sheldon on 06.30.2011
Added undocumented command
  Added RESWRITE undocumented options, courtesy of L. Seiler.
  Posted by Sheldon on 06.16.2011
Added macro
  Added Miners Rule macro, courtesy of L. Bryant.
  Posted by Sheldon on 05.25.2011
Added acoustic example, undocumented command
  Added _BUTTON information, courtesy of B. Weisman.

Added WOOFER, an acoustic (FSI) analysis of a speaker.
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.07.2011
Added piezo example
  Added example of piezoelectric ultrasonic wire bonding tool
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.02.2011
Added 2 acoustic input files
  Added two acoustic input files demonstrating some of the new features in 13.0 related to acoustics:
  • PIPE_PML: use of PML for wave absorption condition in Cartesian coordinates
  • IMPEDANCE: use of complex impedance (resistance and reactance) for surface boundary condition
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.26.2011
Added example
  Added example of the use of the new hydrostatic fluid element (HSFLD242).
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.19.2011
Added simple input files
  Added simple input SHELL-ABD that shows how to calculate the A, D, B, and E matrices for general shell input (homogeneous case).
Also added HARMONIC_CMS, which is a simple beam model showing procedure for CMS (component mode synthesis) in a harmonic response analysis.
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.17.2011
Added paper
  Added paper Identification Methodology of Electrical Equivalent Circuit of the Piezoelectric Transformers by FEM, courtesy of F. Pigache
  Posted by Sheldon on 09.22.2010
Added two input files
  Added two input files:
  • RIGIDBODY_ROTATION: one method of tracking the movement of parts in assembly
  • OUTRES: example of using arrays with the OUTRES command to save results at specific times
  Posted by Sheldon on 07.17.2010
New Poll
  The user polls section has been redesigned. A new poll is posted to see what topic you would like to see as a dedicated subdomain on ansys.net - please provide your thoughts.
  Posted by Sheldon on 07.11.2010
Added 2 papers on cyclic plasticity
  Added paper Ratcheting Simulations with Modified Abdelkarim-Ohno Cyclic Plasticity Model by R. Halama and ASME Code and Ratcheting in Piping Components by T. Hassan and V.C. Matzen, both links courtesy of D. Boyle.
  Posted by Sheldon on 05.01.2010
Added paper
  Added paper Uniaxial and biaxial ratchetting in piping materials - experiments and analysis
  Posted by Sheldon on 04.26.2010
Added macro, input file
  Added INTERP example (interpolation of stress-strain curve to polynomial function) and ACCURATE macro (estimating mesh discretization error), both courtesy of V. Tkach.
  Posted by Sheldon on 04.15.2010
Added 2 input files
  Added a rubber boot input file.

Added a pipe bending Workbench Mechanical 12.1 example.
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.23.2010
Added three papers
  Added three papers:
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.18.2010
Added two papers on viscoelasticity
  Added two papers on viscoelasticity:
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.16.2010
Added 2 papers
  Added two papers:
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.15.2010
Added macro, undocumented option
  Added GETSELTOL, courtesy of B. Weisman.

Added undocumented option for SOLID65.
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.15.2010
Added undocumented *GET
  Added undocumented *GET to retrieve boolean tolerance, courtesy of B. Weisman and K. Chodimella.
  Posted by Sheldon on 02.10.2010
Added 2 tips
  Added 2 tips, courtesy of A. Acton:
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.18.2010
Added tip on 4D and 5D table index definition
  Added simple tip on defining the 4D and 5D table indices.
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.15.2010
Added simple initial stress input
  Added simple WB 12.0 model demonstrating effect of initial stress.
  Posted by Sheldon on 01.14.2010