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Reliability Study of Underfill/Chip Interface Under Accelerated Temperature Cycling (ATC) Loading
  Y.L. Zhang, D.X.Q. Shi, W. Zhou
  "Interface reliability issue has become a major concern in developing flip chip assembly. The CTE mismatch between different material layers may induce severe interface delamination reliability problem. In this study, multifunctional micro-moire´ interferometry (M3I) system was utilized to study the interfacial response of flip chip assembly under accelerated thermal cycling (ATC) in the temperature range of 40 C to 125 C. This in-situ measurement provided good interpretation of interfacial behavior of delaminated flip chip assembly. Finite element analysis (FEA) was carried out by introducing viscoelastic properties of underfill material. The simulation results were found to be in good agreement with the experimental results. Interfacial fracture mechanics was used to quantify interfacial fracture toughness and mode mixity of the underfill/chip interface under the ATC loading. It was found that the interfacial toughness is not only relative to CTE mismatch but also a function of stiffness mismatch between chip/underfill."
ANSYS Nonlinear (Viscoelasticity), version 6.1.
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