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Uniaxial and biaxial ratchetting in piping materials - experiments and analysis
  S.C. Kulkarni, Y.M. Desai, T. Kanta, G.R. Reddy, P. Prasad, K.K. Vaze, C. Gupta
  "The performance of the Chaboche kinematic hardening model has been evaluated in this paper to predict the ratchetting responses for a broad set of uniaxial and biaxial loading histories. The investigations have been performed with reference to both uniaxial and biaxial experimental data, viz. (a) strain and stress controlled uniaxial tests on tensile specimens; (b) biaxial tests on straight pipes with constant internal pressure and cyclic bending load; and (c) a shake table test on elbow. The parameters of the Chaboche model have been calculated from the uniaxial strain controlled stable hysteresis loop. Amongst the various parameters in the Chaboche model, it has been found that the selection of the value of g3 plays a crucial role in achieving better simulation. The Chaboche model was observed to predict complete shakedown for g3 0: On the other hand, the model closely simulated the experimental results for g3 9: The same parameters have been used to analyze the biaxial loading condition. Ratchetting simulation studies by the Chaboche model have resulted in reasonably good agreement with experiments."
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