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Ratcheting Simulations with Modified Abdelkarim-Ohno Cyclic Plasticity Model
  Radim Halama
  "In a search for a constitutive model for ratcheting simulations in rolling contact fatigue domain, the models by Chaboche and AbdelKarim-Ohno and the modificiation of AbdelKarim-Ohno model have been evaluated against a set of uniaxial and biaxial ratcheting responses of steel CS1026. It is difficult to simulate simultanously the uniaxial and multiaxial ratcheting responses with the AbdelKarim-Ohno model. This problem has been removed by modification described in the paper. The proposed model was implemented into the FE code Ansys using Fortran user‘s subroutine. The proposed cyclic plasticity model simulates all solved cases very well."
[ANSYS nonlinear, version 8.0]
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